Studio Terminology

Key terms & concepts used throughout Studio

Studio has some unique terms for talking about photos and retouching.


An image file will be processed (cropped, color adjusted, retouched, etc) by Studio. Photos are attached to jobs and are processed using the job's profile parameters.


A set of parameters used to determine what processing is applied to a photo. These parameters can dictate cropping, color adjustments, or retouching. A profile is applied to a job which then uses the profile to apply processing to each photo within the job.


A collection of photos with a selected profile. Upon processing of the job, each photo is processed using the parameters defined in that job's profile.


A job can be in one of multiple states.

  • "Pending" jobs are those which have not yet been processed.
  • "Uploading" jobs are those that have photos currently being uploaded. (only applies to jobs run through the Studio desktop application.
  • "Processing" jobs are those which are currently being processed.
  • "Complete" jobs are those which have been processed.
  • "Error" jobs are those which have failed to process for one reason or another.