Jobs allow you to process photos in bulk within Studio. Each job has a single profile attached to it and multiple photos. when a job is processed, the profile is applied to each photo with the resulting photo being made available for download after completion.

Create a Job

To create a job:

  • Click Jobs in the menu bar
  • Click Create Job

On the job form, select the profile you wish to apply to all photos in the job. If you do not have the profile you wish, create a profile .

Next, click on Add Photos and select all JPEG photos you wish to process.


Only JPEG and PNG photos are supported.

Each photo selected will now upload to Studio. You will be able to adjust each photo's name if you want.

Once all photos have completed uploading, click Create Job

Process a Job

After a job is created, you will want to start to process it. Simply click the Process button on the job page.

To process a previously created job:

  • Click Jobs in the menu bar
  • Click the job you wish to process
  • Click Process

Once a job is finished processing, each photo will be presented with a Retouched link (as well as a Original link) so that you may download the retouched version of the photo.


If these Before & After links do not automatically appear, try refreshing your page to see the results of the job.

A job can only be processed if it is in the pending or error. If the Process button is not appearing on the job page, check to see if the job is already in the middle of being processed or in some other state.

Editing a Job

To edit a job:

  • Click Jobs in the menu bar
  • Click the job you wish to edit

You can take this time to change the job's profile, or even add or delete new or existing photos to be processed in the job.

Deleting a Job

To delete a job:

  • Click Jobs in the menu bar
  • Click the job you wish to delete
  • Click Delete Job on the top right-hand corner


There is no going back from this operation. Make sure you are deleting the correct job.

All photos in the deleted job will be removed from the account upon job deletion.

Processing Log

Upon processing of a job, a log file is made available on the job's page to explain how the job was processed, or detail what errors may have occurred. This is a great starting place to look when encountering errors with job processing.