HMAC Signature Header

Describes the HMAC signature header value generation

Validate HMAC headers

Applicable if you utilize the job callback url. Use to validate the job payload integrity.

  • secretKey/ secret_key (string): Obtain from the Skylab product development team
  • jobJson / job_json (string): Stringified json object obtained from callback PATCH request
  • requestTimestamp / request_timestamp (string): Obtained from callback PATCH request header X-Skylab-Timestamp
  • signature (string): Signature generated by Skylab to compare. Obtained from callback PATCH request header X-Skylab-Signature

Returns True or False based on whether or not the signatures match.

api.ValidateHmacHeaders(secretKey, jobJson, requestTimestamp, signature);
await api.validateHmacHeaders(secretKey, jobJson, requestTimestamp, signature);
api.validate_hmac_headers(secret_key, job_json, request_timestamp, signature)

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